My 7-year-old daughter Maddie broke her arm.  As her mom, I wanted to do everything I could to make her feel better (as every mom does!). We drew colorful pictures on her cast, which she proudly showed off each day, but at night her cast was nothing but a nuisance: Every time little Maddie moved in her sleep, she would bop herself in the head and wake herself up. I was determined to help her sleep peacefully at night. I wrapped the cast with soft blankets, and surrounded it with Maddie’s favorite stuffed animals so she wouldn’t hit her head while sleeping. 

Then I had a thought, 'What if I created a plush sleeve to cover her cast?' It could even resemble her favorite stuffed animals! Much to Maddie’s and my delight, the invention worked! Not only did Maddie love her new furry buddy, but her friends wanted to wear one too despite not having casts to cover!

That’s the story of the Castaway Crew. I’m Rosemary, Maddie’s mom (Myles’ and Jack’s mom too, but they’re another story!), the creator of the Crew. These super soft and super fun animal arm sleeves can cover a cast, serve as a headrest, and make terrific travel companions! Each Castaway Crew member has his or her own identity along with their own “superpower” to share with the person who chooses to wear them on their arm. We hope this Crew brings your family as much joy as they did mine.  -- Rosemary Tracy,  Founder